Phosphoric Acid

CAS# 7664-38-2

Product Description

Phosphoric acid is a mineral acid used in making fertilizers and detergents and in food processing.


Phosphoric Acid




Orthophosphoric acid; o-Phosphoric acid


Typical Characteristics


Clear colorless liquid or transparent crystalline solid

Boiling point

158 °C


1.685 g/cm3

Melting point

~40 °C

Molecular Weight





85% aqueous solution

Refractive index


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Phosphoric Acid used in many
industry applications

Phosphoric acid, a mineral acid, finds various industrial applications owing to its versatile properties. Here's a list of some of its industrial uses:

  1. Fertilizer Production: Phosphoric acid is a key component in the production of fertilizers, particularly phosphate fertilizers used in agriculture to enhance soil fertility and crop yield.
  2. Food and Beverage Industry: It is utilized as an acidity regulator and flavoring agent in various food and beverage products, including soft drinks, jams, and processed cheeses.
  3. Water Treatment: Phosphoric acid is employed in water treatment processes to adjust pH levels, remove rust and scale deposits, and inhibit corrosion in metal pipes and equipment.
  4. Industrial Cleaning: It serves as an effective cleaner and descaler in industrial settings, where it is used to remove mineral deposits, rust, and scale from equipment and surfaces.
  5. Electronics Manufacturing: Phosphoric acid is used in the production of electronic components, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), as an etchant to remove unwanted copper layers during the manufacturing process.
  6. Pharmaceuticals: It is utilized in the pharmaceutical industry as a reactant or intermediate in the synthesis of various drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  7. Acidifying Agent: Phosphoric acid is employed as an acidifying agent in industrial processes such as metal pickling, oil refining, and textile processing.
  8. Flame Retardants: Certain phosphoric acid derivatives are used as flame retardants in plastics, textiles, and construction materials to enhance fire safety.
  9. Animal Feed: Phosphoric acid is added to animal feed formulations to provide essential phosphorus nutrients for livestock and poultry, promoting bone health and growth.
  10. Hydrogen Peroxide Production: It serves as a catalyst in the manufacturing process of hydrogen peroxide, a versatile chemical used in various industrial and consumer applications.
  11. Buffer Solution: Phosphoric acid is used to prepare buffer solutions with specific pH levels for various biochemical and biotechnological applications, including cell culture and enzyme assays.
  12. Metallurgy: It finds applications in metallurgical processes such as metal surface treatment, metal cleaning, and metal finishing to improve surface properties and corrosion resistance.